Chromium Trioxide (Chrome Acid, Chrome Oxide)

Formula: CrO3
Character: Brownish red flakes, soluble in water and ether, poisonous.
Usage: Electroplating ,catalyst, and organic dyes. Making medicine, wood preservation etc.
Packing: in iron drum of 50kg net.


Items Grade A Grade B
Purity 99.7%Min 99.5%Min
Water insoluble 0.02%Max 0.03%Max
Sulphates 0.06%Max 0.15%Max
Na 0.05%Max 0.05%Max

Packing for chromium trioxide: in iron drums of 50 kg net.
1x20'FCL container can load 18 mt.
UN No. for chromium trioxide: 1463

Chromic acid ( chromium trioxide, CrO3) is an odorless red deliquescent solid. Chromium trioxide is produced commercially by the reaction of sodium dichromate with concentrated sulfuric acid. It has been used mainly for chromium plating particularly in the production of automobiles and as a colorant in ceramics. Uses in other metal-finishing operations include aluminium anodizing, particularly on military aircraft; chemical conversion coatings, which provide both decoration and corrosion protection; and the production of phosphate films on galvanized iron or steel. It is a powerful oxidant and are utilized by controlled oxidations in organic synthesis. This compound is sensitive to moisture.